What’s new in Avira 2017 version

Every year-end security companies are racing to launch a new version, with many improvements in technology as well as interfaces, helping to protect users more safely. Avira is no exception, the 2017 version also integrates many attractive features.

So what new features are there? What security technologies are worth noting? Invite you to refer to the following article of freewebsfarms.com Please:

Notable changes on Avira 2017

1. New Avira Connect interface

Avira 2017 introduces the interface Avira Connect new, bringing all Avira services here for more convenient management for users. All services will be displayed in the section This Computer, making it easier for users to access.

Avira Connect interface

2. Improved Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus 2017 additional features Anti-Ransomware, to fight ransomware. Still retain the basic features of anti-virus software such as: Real-time protection, schedule scans, firewall settings, deep scan mode, adware, spyware blocking …

Avira Free Antivirus 2017

Thanks to this new anti-malware technology, users’ data will be protected more safely. In addition, the virus database is also updated, to protect users against new types of malware today.

3. Avira Browser Safety Technology

Avira Browser Safety works as a browser extension: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera. After activation, it will monitor users’ access to computers, avoid spreading malicious code when users accidentally click on strange links or fake websites.

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Avira Browser Safety Utility

When looking with GoogleAvira Browser Safety will also pre-check the results and flag you so you know which links are safe to access. Safe sites will have icons green check mark.


4. Avira Phantom VPN technology

Technology Avira Phantom VPN help encrypt personal information, bank accounts, passwords, browsing history … to ensure safety for users every time they surf the web. Moreover, it also creates virtual connections, hides IP addresses, ensures safety for activities such as bank transfers.

Avira Phantom VPN

5. Device Control Technology

Device Control technology allows users to securely connect peripheral devices. Every time there is a device connected to the computer, it will be checked and processed for malicious code, when it is really safe to connect.

6. System Speedup (System Speedup)

Avira System Speedup 2017 help Optimize and clean your computer, for a better experience both at work and play. At the same time, also shut down unnecessary startup applications, run regular scan mode, automatically adjust CPU frequency, significantly prolong battery life.

Computer speed up

7. Anti-theft feature of Avira Anti-Thief

Anti-Thief security technology, allowing users to protect their devices from theft. In the interface Avira Connect, switch to card My DevicesYou will have 2 options:

  • Protect other computer: Computer protection.
  • Protect mobile device: Mobile device protection.

Equipment protection

When clicked Protect mobile device, You will be redirected to the page Anti- Theft. Here, enter your phone number, then tap Send via SMS.

Anti-theft feature Avira Anti-Thief

With a few dangers “stalking” us every second of every minute. Finding for yourself a secure security solution is extremely necessary. With the above remarkable changes, hopefully you will have more options in finding security solutions for your device.

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