Ways to speed up mobile networks slowly

How to speed up Android network Or on another phone like? Let’s find out with freewebsfarms.com How to speed up your phone network Please!

How to speed up the android network

In most cases, the slow network connection is only temporary due to network location or congestion. If this persists for hours or days, before calling for technical support from your carrier, first try the simple network acceleration steps below to see if they fix the problem you are having. Do not you encounter!

1. Reboot the phone

This common method is often effective in many cases, especially if you have been using your smartphone for too long.

Rebooting the phone is as simple as this:

  • On iPhoneX or later, press and hold the button next to the phone or the volume up or down button until it appears Slide to Power Off. When the iPhone is powered off, hold the side button of the device again to turn it on again.
  • On iPhone 8 and up, hold the side button of the smartphone (on the right side of the phone or on top of an older device) until it appears. Slide to Power Off on the screen.
  • For most Android phones, just hold down the power button until the options appear on the screen, then tap. Restart.

2. Change position

Slow LTE service can be caused by weather, congestion, or even overheating. However, mainly due to geographic and building factors.

If you are in a remote area, or if there are many natural barriers around (such as hills, mountains, valleys), they can affect your signal. The same goes for tall buildings. When you are in the middle of a crowded residential area with many tall buildings, the mobile waves will also weaken.

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In this case, move somewhere else or get out of a crowded building, drive somewhere open and you should see the problem fixed.

3. Update and disable the application

Sometimes, a troublesome application can crash by stealing your data connection and slowing it down. At this point, you will want to test a bit to see what is “eating” your speed. If you find that something is wrong, you can disable the app’s network access or uninstall it.

When the iPhone network is slow, come Settings> Cellular and disable any application’s network access.

On Android you will see it at Settings> Network & internet> Mobile network> App data usage. Tap an app, then slide the bar Background data to position Off to prevent this application from using data in the background.

You should also check for app updates. Programmers regularly release updates to fix bugs. So, don’t be afraid to open the App Store or Google Play and download the fix.

4. Turn off Data Saver / Low Data mode

Both Android & iOS contain modes designed to reduce data usage. They are really useful if you have limited network capacity. However, it can also lead to a slow service connection. Try disabling these modes and see if things go faster!

On Android, coming Settings> Network & internet> Data Saver. If you have an iPhone, you’ll see settings Low Data Mode in Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data Options.

If you care about your data usage, turn it back on after a while. You can tell if this setting is the cause of slow network connection or not.

5. Disconnect the VPN

VPNs provide an anonymous & private network, but they can also slow down the connection speed when using remote servers. So, if your phone connects to a VPN like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost …, try disabling it and try turning on the network again.

If it is the cause, you should see an immediate improvement in your network speed.

6. Check the network loss from the provider

Although the mobile network provider has always committed to stability, network outages still occur causing Internet connection on mobile to be delayed. So, if you have tried all the above steps and do not fix the problem, visit Downdetector or call your provider to check the network loss problem.

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7. Reset phone network settings

Resetting network settings such as restarting the phone often fixes the slow mobile data connection.

To reset network settings on iPhone, open it Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings. Your phone will prompt you for your passcode if it has one, then it will reboot.

On Android smartphones, coming Settings> System> Advanced> Reset options> Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth. This may be in a different location depending on the phone manufacturer. Try searching for it in the search bar Settings if you don’t know where it is.

8. Download applications to increase performance

Junk, duplicate file removal apps can maintain the best working condition for your phone. You can easily find them on the smartphone application store. Here are the top 3 rated tools.

  • Clean Master: Including accelerator and antivirus. It cleans junk files, notifications, and viruses while performing other tasks like speeding up your smartphone.
  • Systweak Android Cleaner: Clean and organize your phone, and reduce battery consumption.
  • DU Speed ​​Booster: Clean up phone RAM and free it from any app activity in background. It can also scan the phone for junk files that need to be deleted with one click.

If you have the time and patience, you can do almost any of the tasks above. It’s all about clearing the cache, making sure there are no unnecessary apps running in the background, deleting useless files and giving you better control over your device’s memory.

9. Remove and reinsert the SIM card

Finally, you can try removing & repeating the SIM card because it also affects the Internet connection. The SIM location on the smartphone depends on the device. On the iPhone, the SIM slot is always on the right side, under the side button. On an Android device, it can be located on the side, top, bottom, or even the back of a removable battery smartphone.

Most smartphones these days have a SIM removal tool attached. If you don’t have one, you can use your fingernail, a paper clip or the back of the earrings to remove the SIM.

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Remove SIM on iPhone

Note, when removing the SIM, you should turn off the phone first to avoid unnecessary damage. Also, make sure to place the SIM on a table or a flat surface, as it’s small, so it’s easy to lose it. If you remove the SIM and the network connection is still flicker, try replacing it. First, call the provider to determine the cause of the problem. They can send you a new SIM.

10. Remove or replace phone cover

Most of the quality is used to make phone cases that don’t run or interfere with the Wi-Fi signal. However, some can, often cladding made of metal material because it has the ability to disrupt network transmission.

So, if you use phone cases with this material, try switching to silicon, plastic or leather. You should also avoid using the metal rings attached to the back of your phone.

11. Change DNS options

DNS is a more readable web address compilation protocol. DNS configuration runs in the background when iPhone connects to the Internet. The default option depends on the carrier, but you can change it to something like Google or Cloudflare.

Changing DNS can help you to improve your web load time and increase your online safety.

To change DNS servers on your phone:

  1. Open Settings and choose WIFI.
  2. Tap the icon i next to this network.
  3. Scroll down and touch Configure DNS.
  4. Change to Manual, then touch Add Server.
  5. Enter the server address DNS you want.
  6. Touch Save when finished.

Easy to return to default DNS settings, follow the steps above but instead of Mannual, choose Automatic and press Save To confirm.

If all of the above fails, at this time call the technical support team. They may ask you to try the above methods, but now it’s easy to decline and ask for help right away.

Above is general article The simplest way to speed up your mobile network connection. Hope the article is useful to you.

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