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Application for making video from photos There are many options in the vast Internet world. However, where is Application to create video from photos Best and most reliable? Let’s find out with!

Just type app to make video from photos on Google, you can easily see hundreds of thousands of matches, including free and paid, with editing features specifically for professionals. However, if you look carefully, you will also find video creation apps that are free, extremely easy to use. The article will summarize for you the top video making software from photos that is simple but effective and suitable for all subjects.

1. Proshow Producer

Video Picture Maker

Proshow Producer

This photo video maker software has a simple workflow to professional color and image effects, helping users to create a slideshow in just a short time. In addition ProShow Producer is also compatible with most versions of Windows operating systems. The downside of this software is that it consumes a lot of resources on your computer and uses up your CPU

You can also create layers, customize video settings, customize editing options like contrast, brightness, hue, sharpness, blur, set motion adjustments, effects, change the set captions, subtitles and sound effects on ProShow Producer.

Currently ProShow Producer is used by many studios, companies or individuals because of its popularity in video making software, with easy-to-use, fast features, beautiful transition effects and unlimited customization. For example, ProShow Producer has proven that the usage of this software is extremely wide, if you have a lot of your memories from your travels, your wedding photos, download and install ProShow. Producer to create your own great stories and save them. You can refer to the article How to use ProShow Producer to create your video.

2. ProShow Gold

Video Picture Maker

Proshow Gold

Besides ProShow Producer, this software also has a brother, ProShow Gold, this software also looks exactly like its brother. You can create professional looking photo videos with simple operations. With a design aimed to help users quickly create slideshows from their personal photo and video files. You can then customize it by adding songs, transitions, adding subtitles or captions and animations, finally you can share your video to Youtube or Facebook.

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Operation to use this software is very simple, first of all, users just need to add content such as music, photos, videos or text files. You can then arrange them into sections above ProShow Gold with just drag and drop, then choose to automatically arrange transition effects or manually choose transition effects in between photos, finally. is creating videos in the formats available on the software.

3. Windows Movie Maker

Video Maker

Windows Movie Maker

This tool is one of the most popular video editing and photo video editing software available today, you can easily create your stories from photos, videos with memories like traveling, wedding photo, birthday, or just get excited to make a music video with your favorite song.

Video Maker

With a simple interface, you can easily use Windows Movie Maker even when you’re not an expert, from simple actions such as adding videos, adding music, creating transitions, color effects, Not only that, you can easily handle cutting, stitching, arranging photos to suit your liking, adding your own copyright logo and content to the video … Windows Movie Maker also supports Many different output video file formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV, AVI … help users easily choose the most suitable video format for their device.

To help you initially create videos with Windows Movie Maker, also has two articles for you to refer to before using this software: How to download and install Windows Movie Maker on your computer and How to cut Live video with Windows Movie Maker, please refer to know more about how to use this software.

4. Sony Vegas Pro

This is a professional photo video making tool designed to exclusively aid creative professionals through incorporating familiar track-based timeline along with hundreds of workflow enhancements, Sony Vegas Pro is arguably the new and modern means of access to editing finished products. Supports multiple formats and processes to create more products, making it easy to convey your message and express your artistic creativity.

Video Maker

Sony Vegas Pro

With advanced video editing tools, powerful effects, and simple operations, the Sony Vegas Pro interface provides you with an impressive array of enhancements along with a workspace that combines multiple production tasks. In terms of performance, this software needs a 64 bit operating system to get the most efficient performance, with a strong focus on 64bit operating system, Sony Vegas Pro has overcome many limitations of the software structure as well as the 32bit operating system hardware, allowing users to experience maximum features with high stability during use. Provides users with professional editing features, fast graphics, extensive editing and collage and Blu-ray discs, DVD …

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Video Maker

If you are in need of professional video processing software, videos and videos that make a difference, immediately download Sony Vegas Pro to your device and use this professional software.

5. Magix PhotoStory Easy

Video Maker

Magix PhotoStory Easy

With its simple easy-to-use interface and unique controls, anyone can create their own slideshow with Magix PhotoStory Easy, you can easily automate optimization, design multiple effects, and dub. Audio and slideshow with any of your photos, you can also convert all your photos and video clips into an amazing slide show using text, music and effects. easy way.

Magix PhotoStory Easy will provide you with 20 Template templates on different topics such as birthdays, christmas, new year, holidays … Settings for slideshow, effects, titles, background music … Considering special photo formats and avoiding black borders around portrait photos, you can add effects to animate.

6. PhotoFilmStrip

Video Maker


PhotoFilmStrip application is a completely free and easy to use application, just 3 simple steps you can create video clips from your various photos, you just need to select the image in the first step, after it customizes your effects, the direction of your movement and finally creates your video clip.

This software has a very simple interface, allowing users to easily perform many important operations, such as customizing their slides, or setting the starting point and ending motion at 2. on the left and right hand side, and on the center side you can see on that small column there are tools that will provide access to the functions needed to customize the direction of motion.

7. Slideshow Movie Creator

Video Maker

Slideshow Movie Creator

With GiliSoft Slideshow Movie Creator you can combine your photos into video, turn your stills into impressive and vivid slideshows for easy sharing with others via social networks, mobile devices. motion or burn to DVD.

This application provides you with many audio formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, M4A, AAC, AU … as background music. It also supports recording audio from video files as background music for the slide if you want, if you want to add your dialogue to the slide show then you can use the recording feature from microphone and computer, the equipment. Effects design, Slideshow Movie Creator provides a lot of themes available to help you easily create photo videos as well as support design of titles and credits, adjust the brightness, contrast of videos and photos, in addition to you. can rotate photos, flip photos easily … Complete editing you can preview all changes made in real time.

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8. Movavi Slideshow Maker
Movavi Slideshow Maker

Movavi Slideshow Maker is software create video from photos Easy to use. It allows users to create amazing slideshows with transitions, text & animated titles. The software provides a lot of slideshow templates for users to choose from. In addition, Movavi Slideshow Maker also has a library of free background music, filters, overlay effects and other special effects. You can export the final slideshow to any popular video format like .mov, .mp4, .avi…

9. PhotoStage Slideshow Software

PhotoStage Slideshow Software


Simple and one of the easiest video and music video maker application. PhotoStage allows users to create professional personal slideshows using a variety of editing tools & options. The slideshow can include photos, music, transitions, and more.

The highlight of PhotoStage Slideshow Software is its rich set of photo editing features. It supports most popular image, video, and audio options. In addition, you can also easily share the slideshow by burning DVD or uploading it to YouTube.

10. Icecream Slideshow Maker

Icecream Slideshow Maker

Icecream Slideshow Maker

Icecream Slideshow Maker is an application to create video from photos as the name implies and it’s completely free to use. Add images individually or through folders, or apply a variety of different settings as you like. This photo-making app offers many user-friendly customization tools, including inserting your favorite music, scaling or transitioning photos easily with one click. Preview is additional feature available before clicking Create and complete the slideshow.

Above are the simple video creation and editing software on your computer, you can choose freely for yourself a tool to make music videos and share your stories with your friends and relatives. Please.

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