TOP best alternatives to Windows Movie Maker

You are looking for one Video editing software is similar Windows Movie Maker? Then do not hesitate to refer to the list of below.

Windows Movie Maker has been removed since 2017 after almost two decades of being made available to Microsoft operating system users free of charge. This change makes many Windows users regret and have to find an alternative to Windows Movie Maker.

In fact, it is not difficult to find a video editing software for Windows on the Internet. However, where is the same option Windows Movie Maker the best? will synthesize for you the replacement software Windows Movie Maker is appreciated today.

1. Shotcut

Shotcut is a free and cross-platform open source video editor if you often change between Windows, Mac, and even Linux. It is not codec-dependent, which enhances usage across multiple platforms. You can move your projects between operating systems.

Along with industry standard time editing, Shotcut also supports simple cut, copy and paste, hide and lock, a full history to allow undo and redo. All of these editing tools are accompanied by keyboard shortcuts.


Files can be imported from your hard drive, network devices, camera memory cards, cloud storage services, and even dragged and dropped. Shotcut also offers a host of impressive video effects, such as fade, wipe, blend mode, video filter (great for giving a unified look to your movie) and speed effects. .

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It will take you some time to discover the other more basic features of this tool. Windows Movie Maker is a straightforward tool, and Shotcut offers similar simplicity, with the option to expand your video editing skills if desired.

2. Ezvid

Ezvid is known as a more screen capture tool, but it is also a video editor. To get started, click on the icon film to add images and video clips to the timeline. This will let you edit your videos together, but you’ll need an additional app to trim the clips. Note that there is an option to record audio (you cannot import a track separately) and record some interesting effects.


Ezvid is not a complete video editor, and is less functional than Windows Movie Maker. However, it is still a useful tool that you can try out.

3. Story

There are plenty of free video editing tools available in the Window Store. Sadly almost all of them are hampered by poor user interface, instability or mass advertising. An app that helps you get things done without any hassle Story.


Unlike the other tools on the list, Story’s purpose is to create movies from photos, videos, and music. It is like a Windows version of Google Photos in that respect. All you need to do is browse video files from the computer, find some pictures if necessary, and add a background music from the list.

You might have some trouble using Story. Once you’ve added a video to your project, click Edit to select its part that will appear in the finished project. When this is done for all videos and any images have been added, you can also choose Add Music. You give your product a title and the video is easily output.

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4. Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor Is the only paid option on the list, but worth testing as it’s simple and hassle-free for video editing.

Filmora Video Editor

Although Filmora Video Editor is a paid app, you still have a trial period, so don’t miss it. Getting started is as simple as you’d expect and the user interface is intuitive enough. You can easily import videos, still images, and audio and perform cropping, swapping, and applying various effects. There are also options to rotate and crop videos, add overlays, effects and transitions, along with standard editing tools. Your finished video can be displayed and exported in the right format and even uploaded YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo.

5. Animotica

Another Windows Store App app worth trying out is Animotica. You can take advantage of this tool on touchscreen devices, but it’s also perfect for desktops and laptops.


Videos and photos can be edited together with transitions, but there are a few effects included. The color can be adjusted, and the speed of the video can be adjusted. Blurred backgrounds can also be added to the video. Additionally, Animotica offers the ability to adjust sounds and add configurable panning motion to the Ken Burns effect on the image.

6. Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos

Although you can no longer access Windows Movie Maker, Windows 10 users can still create simple videos right on their computers. All thanks to Video Editor embedded in Microsoft Photos.

To access it, simply find Video Editor on your computer or open Microsoft Photos and choose Video Project to get started at any time.

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Video Editor allows you to handle basic editing tasks like trimming, speed, motion, text, filters, background music, even 3D effects. If you enjoy working with Movie Maker, Video Editor will make you happy. Since it is built into Windows 10, you don’t need to install it.

Above is the top Best video editor alternative to Windows Movie Maker. They are simple software that allows you to perform basic edits with ease. If you are looking for a tool that is not complicated, not too in-depth, go ahead and choose one of the options listed above.

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