Tips to help you avoid downloading fake apps on the mobile app store

Is there a way to detect or avoid downloading fake apps on Google Play or Apple’s App Store? Yes, if you know how to apply the following martial arts tips.

Google Play and App Store are the two most popular smartphone application stores today. You can find tons of great apps on these two stores. Although strictly censored, sometimes, CH Play, App Store still have potential fake programs containing malicious code. However, do not worry, you can apply the following tips to avoid downloading fake apps.

1. Visit the official app store

Avoid fake apps on the App Store

This is a basic precaution and you should definitely keep this in mind. Jailbreaking (iOS) or rooting your phone (Android) is attractive because it gives you access to more apps and features. However, it has many potential security risks.

For example, venturing into an app outside of the iOS App Store, you put yourself in the “world” suspicious software. Some banking and entertainment apps do not support rooted Android devices to limit the impact of malware. However, cybercriminals can still access a wealth of personal information.

The official store houses the entire app before it launches to the public. After the automated testing process, the programmer will dive into the code to find out the true nature of the application. That’s how Google and Apple censor apps, providing users with the first line of defense.

However, there are still some developers who find holes to overcome the barrier and put the application on the Store. That’s why you need to continue reading the tips below.

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Apple Store Google Play Store Windows Store

2. Read app reviews

Reviews on the app

You should do this before downloading any apps. You can skip reviews when installing trusted, well-known or popular programs like WhatsApp, Netflix… However, that doesn’t mean any app named WhatsApp, Netflix… are genuine.

In fact, scammers always target famous apps in the hope that more people will be fooled. That’s why hundreds of people have had their personal information exposed when they accidentally downloaded the wrong fake Netflix app. Therefore, it is best to read the reviews related to the application carefully. If something is not right, there are bound to be many complaints.

Of course, bad guys also create fake reviews, usually a word or a one-line summary with the highest rating. Don’t be fooled. Pay attention to the longer comments, analyze them and until you really believe them, then click the download button.

3. Check the app description

Bad grammar and syntax is definitely a warning sign that something is suspicious, not as professional as it looks. The same is true for the web and email. Large companies often hire professional editors to do content. They are in no rush to write error-laden descriptions of their products.

Even so, there are still some smaller groups of developers that won’t invest in app content. That doesn’t mean their product is bad. However, confusing, unclear content is also a sign worth paying attention to before deciding to install it on smartphones.

4. Search for developers

Facebook MessengerApp search results on the App Store

If looking for social chat features. You’ll certainly go to the App Store and type in “Facebook Messenger” – but the first result you see may not be it.

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Most of them are not scams, but just serve another purpose. Facebook itself has developed multiple versions of its original idea. However, some apps can trick you into thinking it’s real Messenger to steal data.

That’s why you should check the developer. This is easy because they are always listed below the app name, for example, “Facebook, Inc.” on an Apple device or “Facebook” via Google Play. Of course, the big names are always trustworthy. You just need to be extra vigilant when downloading products from an unfamiliar developer or developer.

5. Visit the web of application programmers

What should you do if you like an app from a company you don’t know? The internet is your friend, so don’t be afraid to look it up. Please search for the official app release web you like. Downloading it directly from here will avoid downloading the wrong version by mistake. Apple always includes a web link in the app description, but sometimes it’s a bit confusing. So it’s better to find it on Google.

Of course, you need to find the signs that the site is safe, simply by checking the SSL certificate or the “HTTPS” address. This proves an encrypted connection between the device and the developer’s server. If using Chrome, it shows Google trusts this web and you can trust it.

Find fake apps related to VLC

Pay attention to the search results because you can see a bunch of apps that use the same feature image. Some counterfeiters don’t mind spending hours creating the perfect fake to achieve their goal. Therefore, they will not ignore the simplest way – content theft. Of course, not everyone is like that. Smarter scammers will use a more professional approach. Therefore, you should carefully consider every application installed on your device. If still in doubt, don’t rush to download it.

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In addition to the content, pay attention to the photos as well. Bad guys often take photos from other apps as illustrations for fake products. If you find any duplicate photos, check similar apps to find the genuine product.

7. Check Installs

Instagram Downloads

Quantity sometimes also speaks to safety. Look at app downloads on the Store. They will tell you if the product is genuine or reliable. Unfortunately, the App Store does not reveal this information. It is only available on Google Play. To test it, simply click on the app and scroll down the page. It is located in the “Additional Information” section of additional information.

8. Beware of high-paying apps

Some applications require a subscription or a monthly fee to use the service, purchase packages are available to continuously stream videos or play games at a high price. They could be scam apps. You should carefully check the information carefully before deciding to spend money.

9. Use Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect on Android

This is an antimalware service for Android provided by Google. This feature continuously monitors the app, and keeps the device, data, and app safe from malicious components. It will act as the default antivirus for your device.

What can you do if you see a fake app?

You should report them to the app store administrator:

  • On Google Play, go to the bottom of the description, click Flag as inappropriate. Then tell Google why it’s suspicious.
  • Apple Store is a bit more complicated: go to page Report A Problem, log into your account with Apple ID.

Above are tips to help you avoid downloading the simplest fake apps. If you know any other ways, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

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