The outstanding points of the Apple ecosystem that Android users do not have

In recent years, technology users often hear the phrase Apple “ecosystem”. This is a phrase to describe the connection between Apple devices together, creating connectivity and convenience when using iPhone phones, Macbook computers, iPad tablets, Apple Watch watches. .. So really, does the Apple ecosystem bring users great experiences or not. Let’s find out about that through the following article.


The outstanding points of the Apple ecosystem that Android users do not have

Exclusive Airdrop feature

Airdrop is an extremely familiar utility for Apple users. It helps to transfer photos, videos, music, documents… extremely fast with large capacity. If you own 2 or more Apple devices, this feature will be amazing and save you a lot of time. While in devices using Android, users will often have to plug in a cord to transfer files between the computer and the phone.

Use iPhone to broadcast wifi for Macbook extremely fast

Almost every location in the city has wifi, but most of them need a password and the security is not high. Moreover, when going to areas without wifi signal, it will be terrible. If you use a Macbook and iPhone with the same iCloud account, you can use your phone as a portable wifi hotspot. When using Android, you can still do this, but it will take more steps.

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Copy/Paste from iPhone to Macbook and vice versa

This is also an extremely unique and useful utility. Users just need to select Copy from iPhone then Paste to Macbook or vice versa. This operation is so convenient that it feels like using a single device. Note that you need to turn on the “Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices” option on previous devices.

Use iPhone to scan documents, text, take photos

When you right click on the Macbook screen, you will see the line Import from iPhone. If you want to take a photo, select the . button Take a photo and use your iPhone as a portable camera, your captures will be saved to your Macbook. Similarly, Scan documents will also save your file as a PDF. This tool is even much faster than if you use your iPhone to take a photo and then Airdrop it to your Macbook.

Synchronize and synchronize content

And of course, the ability to synchronize between devices in this ecosystem is extremely great. Not only photos, videos, data… are synced, but also cross-platform applications such as iMessage, FaceTime, Notes, Calendar… can be used seamlessly across devices. Users can also do this with iTunes on Windows, but the utilities are second to none.

In addition, there are many attractive points that the Apple ecosystem brings to users. Experience and discover for yourself!

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