You are walking along, texting that cute guy at the coffee shop or the gorgeous girl from your office and the next thing you know, a pigeon the size of a small dragon dive bombs your head. In the midst of shielding your face and jogging forward out of its way, you trip over a raised crack in the sidewalk and your cell phone comes loose from your grasp. As it fumbles from one hand to the next and down onto the cement, you see your digital life flash before your eyes. Nooooo!!! A few seconds later, you are staring down at the shattered remnants of the screen on your trusty Samsung Galaxy S3.

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It’s because of this that we’ve built a walk-through for your Samsung Galaxy S3 screen replacement options, including a DIY starter guide. Because we understand the pain of a dysfunctional LCD screen or cracked glass that makes it impossible to text.


Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Replacement Kit to DIY

Step One: Keep in mind that once you loosen the first screw on your device, it may no longer be covered under warranty – so be confident in your disassembly and reassembly skills before breaking apart these delicate devices.

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Step Two: Assess your Samsung Galaxy S3 screen repair cost, and decide if the money saved by doing it yourself is worth the risk. Most LCD screens will still run somewhere between $100-200. It’s a costly price to pay for a chance at fixing the problem, unless you know what you are doing. However, if it’s the glass screen that is broken, the cost is around only $15.Step Four: Once you have the necessary components, you can begin your replacement process. Disassemble, replace, and reassemble as the kit instructs or find replacement instructions on iFixit.

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The reasons for Samsung Galaxy S3 screen repair vary from a small misstep to a sudden malfunction, from dozens of glass shards to a broken and dysfunctional LCD screen. Before you hand your device over to anyone or try to fix it yourself, know your options and deliberate which is best for your case. That way, you can minimize the time and cost spent on repairs. A great place to start is a free consultation and estimate with Cell Phone Repair.

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