How To Reclaim Disk Space Mac Os High Sierra, Reclaim Space On Your Mac Hard Drive

Before we start deleting files

Searching for what to delete could take hours. Here at we created an app that automatically shows you massive files you can delete.

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How to check storage on Mac

It’s good to check your storage details before we get down to deleting things. For example, this my disk space structure:

Well done!Now you can type in different file extensions and sort the results by size. I recommend starting with the .DMG files or application installers. They are just dead weight and you can live without them. The same goes for .ZIP archives


After you run the Scan, review the files and click Clean.

What else can you delete with this tool:

Time machine backupsTemporary documents versionsOutdated system logsApp localization files

3. Remove unused apps and all their leftovers

Potential space reclaimed: up to 5 GB

Did you know there are 3 ways of deleting apps on Mac? One is dragging them straight to the Trash from Applications, the other involves Launchpad. And, finally, you can use a third-party Uninstaller tool, which also makes sense because the first two methods leave parts of old apps on your drive.

Delete apps via Launchpad

Still, I prefer deleting apps via Launchpad because it’s more fun. Open Launchpad from your Dock.Now, press the Command key and hold any app icon until they start shaking. You will see the symbol above the icon — click it to delete the app.

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From there you can delete apps on a massive scale – simply select the ones you don’t need. Make sure to check the Leftovers section. These are parts and pieces of your old apps that you can’t otherwise access.

4.Delete your duplicate files

I often download an app twice by clicking on it several times or double-save a track to my iTunes library, which creates quite a mess. So if your Mac has started to run out of storage, there is a way to put an end to it. At first, you can try to find duplicates manually, but it can take you way too long with little to no result.

There is a good app called Gemini 2 – the duplicate finder. It allows you to clean out many gigabytes of duplicates in a few clicks. Plus, it allows you to check what would be deleted and deselect items you want to keep.


So, if your Mac is suffering from the invasion of the duplicates, give this software a try.

5. Remove browser cache

If you are a heavy internet user (like I am) your Mac’s drive is full of the browser cache. These are kinds of bookmarks left on your drive by every site that you visited. What’s your primary browser? Here are the solutions for Chrome and Safari.

To clear Chrome cache

While you are in Chrome,

Click the three-dot icon at the top rightClick More tools > Clear browsing dataChoose a time range to clear the browsing dataAlso, clear “Cached images and files.”


6. Use Optimized Storage

Apple has somestorage management tools that come pre-installed on your macOS.To get to use them, click on the Apple logo > About this Mac >Click the Storage tab > Manage.

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How to manage storage on Mac with built-in options

First, inspect the tabs in the sidebar on the left. Your largest files will most likely be stored in Documents. Go inside this category to find files you can scrap. A quick tip: You can mass-select and delete screenshots on your Desktop right from here.

Here Apple offers you 4 options: the first option “Store in iCloud” is self-explanatory. Is iCloud paid? Yes, if your storage needs exceed 5 GB which in 2020 is laughably small.The second option “Optimize Storage” will remove your already watched content and the old attachments in Mail. This may help you free up a couple of gigabytes. When you need to clear disk space on Mac, every little helps.


Here you can spot the folders that hog the most space. You’ll also find your “Russian dolls” folders that are hidden inside other folders.

Get this app here for free.

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Open Finder > Preferences (in the upper menu).Now choose Advanced.Check this box “Remove items from Trash every 30 days.”

9. Delete extra language files

Potential space recovered: 1 GB

There are 180+ languages in the world and most of your Mac’s applications can operate in these languages. However beautiful the language diversity is, people usually use just one or two. When you need to clear space on Mac, extra localization filesare another target.How to see your language files? Language files end with “lproj” extension, which stands for “language project”. Unfortunately, finding them manually is problematic. Still, if you want to recover 1 GB of free space out of thin air, get hold of CleanMyMac X. It deletes extra localizations automatically.

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Click System Junk and Scan.Then press Review Details.

If you are using macOS High Sierra, or older, you can clear disk space on your Mac Desktop manually.

Click Finder > Desktop.Under View, choose the 3-line icon

Now you can sort all items by size and delete the largest files.


Here you are after you click Run you will successfully reduce the size of backups on your Mac.

If you want to remove a specific backup, here’s how to do that:

Connect your device to your Mac using a cable.Go to Finder > Locations > Select your device.Click Manage Backups.


14. Get rid of your junk Mail

Potential space reclaimed: 50 MB

Everyone hates junk email. Apparently, Apple hates it too because they included automatic junk mail deletion to their Mail app. Junk mail doesn’t weigh much but still, deleting it is good for the hygiene of your Mac.

Open Mail app.Click on the Mailbox tab.Choose Erase Junk Mail.Beware that this operation cannot be undone.

Other greattips to automatically reduce clutter

Use Safari. Starting version 10 it automatically removes duplicate downloads.Backup your pictures to — it offers unlimited storage. Really.Delete desktop apps for services that offer online analogues, like Figma.

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Okay, I’ve told you my favorite ways to free up disk space on your Mac. You can bookmark this article and revisit next time when the annoying “Your disk is almost full” message pops up. Decluttering your Mac can add a fresh spark to your digital life —so try it today.

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