Now you can hide the number of likes on Instagram and Facebook

After years of experimentation, you finally have more control over How Likes Show on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook recently announced to provide users with the feature hide Likes on Instagram and Facebook. Previously, Facebook and Instagram Likes were displayed by default, but now you can choose to turn it off.

Should social networks hide the number of Likes has long been controversial. In fact, both Facebook and Instagram have been experimenting with this feature for years. Undoubtedly, a lot of evidence shows that the number of Likes seriously affects mental health, leading to depression in many people.

Hide Likes on Instagram

From today, on Instagram, you can hide the number of Likes on all posts in your feed. You can also hide the number of Likes on individual posts so that others can’t see them, regardless of their feed settings.

Alternatively, you can choose hide Like on individual posts. This can be done before or after posting.

This way, you can focus on sharing photos and videos, instead of the number of Likes you get.” – Facebook share.

Control hide Likes on Facebook will be released in the next few weeks.

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