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Slack Technologies

Group communication tools like Slack can help you feel connected to your dispersed coworkers.

Group communication. Your employer may be using Slack or a similar tool to facilitate communication among a dispersed team. I love Slack; it’s made me feel connected to colleagues and collaborators even though I’m fundamentally a single person sitting in an empty garage. However, Slack can be a distraction that gets in the way of doing work.

Fortunately, Slack and similar apps have pretty extensive notification settings. You can control which channels you’re notified about, what text is required to set off notifications, and can even set lengths of time where you won’t be disturbed at all. Experiment with all of these features and find what works for you. Obviously, if your boss expects you to react immediately in certain channels, you need notifications set properly for those. But other channels that are less urgent can be muted entirely.

Quit to get ahead.

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I understand that you may need to keep Slack open for work purposes, but if you don’t, consider quitting it when you’re diving into a task the requires focus. The same goes for other social apps. When I start writing an article (like this one), I quit both Slack and Twitter and don’t re-open them until I’ve finished my work—or at least reached a stopping point where I want to take a brief mental break.

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Use your calendar. In an office you might use your calendar to keep track of meetings, and you may still have remote meetings using services like Skype and Zoom. Beyond that, though, consider scheduling in calendar events for the tasks you need to perform. I’ve found it valuable to block out regular time for specific tasks—for example, I have a repeating calendar event to write my weekly column on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. It’s a date I’ve made with myself, and I can reschedule it if I need to, but I find that adding a little more structure to an unstructured day or week can do wonders for my focus.


Take Control Books

Take Control of Working from Home Temporarily is a free ebook by contributor Glenn Fleishman

More tips and advice.

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My friend (and fellow contributor) Glenn Fleishman has been working at home for years, and he published a free ebook about all of this. Check out Take Control of Temporarily Working From Home for 50 pages of good advice.

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