List Of Pokemon In Detective Pikachu ', All 54 Pokémon In Detective Pikachu

Every Single Pokémon in Detective Pikachu Detective Pikachu is absolutely packed with Pokémon of all different shapes, sizes, and types. Here are all 54 Pokémon that appear in the movie.

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Detective Pikachu Every Pokemon
For the serious Pokémon collectors, we”ve put together a list of every Pokémon we spotted in Detective Pikachu, the first ever live-action Pokémon movie. Detective Pikachu is about a young man called Tim (Justice Smith) who is estranged from his father, a police detective working in Ryme City. Tim has been raised by his grandmother from a young age, but when he finds out his father has apparently been killed in a car accident, he returns to Ryme City to settle his affairs.

There, he meets his father”s Pokémon partner – a Pikachu (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) with an adorable little hat, who claims to be a “world-class detective” and has a serious addiction to coffee. Detective Pikachu doesn”t believe that Harry Goodman is really dead, and persuades Tim to help him investigate the mystery of what caused the car accident, and how Detective Pikachu lost his memory. Helping them out is CNM intern and wannabe investigative journalist Lucy Stevens (Kathryn Newton), and her Pokémon partner, Psyduck.

Detective Pikachu Every Pokemon
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Detective Pikachu has as many Pokémon as it does people, and in addition to the main featured Pokémon you can also see the creatures filling every corner of the screen in shots – from a Snorlax having a snooze to a Machamp directing traffic. Director Rob Letterman told us that he believes there are around 54 Pokémon in total (though even he wasn”t completely sure), so we set out to try and document every single Pokémon that appears in Detective Pikachu. Here”s the very, very long list.

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Major Pokémon in Detective Pikachu

In Ryme City there are no Pokéballs or Pokémon battles (well, not officially), but instead humans and Pokémon live peacefully side by side, and each person has a Pokémon partner. Here are the major Pokémon that Tim encounters in his quest to figure out what happened to his father – starting with his own Pokémon partner.

Pikachu – Our diminutive hero, who loves drinking coffee and solving mysteries.Psyduck – Lucy Stevens” Pokémon partner, who gets explosive stress headaches.Snubbull – A grumpy dog Pokémon belonging to Detective Hide Yoshida (Ken Watanabe).

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Aipom – A monkey Pokémon, living in considerable numbers outside Harry”s apartment.Mr. Mime – One of Harry Goodman”s informants, who is subjected to a tough interrogation.Ditto – A Pokémon that can imitate other Pokémon, recognizable by its beady eyes.Charizard – A previous battle rival of Pikachu”s, who gets a rematch.Cubone – The first Pokémon that Tim attempts to capture.Greninja – Attack using throwing stars, and have enhanced strength courtesy of Dr. Laurent (Rita Ora).Torterra – A grass/ground type Pokémon that has been grown to enormous size by Dr. Laurent.

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Detective Pikachu has a whole world filled with Pokémon, appearing in the bustling streets of Ryme City and running wild in the countryside. Here is a list of Pokémon who don”t play a significant role in the movie”s story, but can nonetheless be spotted and added to your Pokédex while watching.

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Did you spot any Pokémon that we missed in Detective Pikachu? Let us know when (and where) you saw them in the comments below. Gotta catch “em all!

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