Instructions to mute strange calls on iPhone

You are feeling very troubled by the phone call from unknown number with content that is an advertisement for something. That is why, we only want to receive incoming calls from the phone numbers of relatives and friends stored in Contacts, and do not want to receive strange calls.

Currently, iPhone phones have allowed users to turn off the notification bell of calls on the phone. Today, will introduce the steps toWill ring strange calls on iPhone, extremely simple and quick to implement, invite you to follow the following article.

Instructions to mute strange calls on iPhone

Step 1: To turn off the ringtone of unknown calls on iPhone, we will first click on settings icon on the phone’s screen.

Step 2: At section Setting of iPhone, drag the screen to the bottom and tap Phone.

Step 3: Continue at section Phone, tap the item Mute unknown calls.

Tap the settings icon Click on Phone Tap on Mute unknown calls

Step 4: To turn off notifications of unknown calls, turn the switch at Mute unknown calls to the left side.

Toggle the switch at Mute unknown calls gọi Unknown call ringer turned off

Step 5: Finally, when there is a call from an unknown number, my phone will not ring, but only display a notification on the screen of the device.

However, if we call back to that number, it will no longer be a strange number, so the next time that number calls, our phone will continue to ring as usual.

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Wishing you success!

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