Instructions to download and edit videos with CapCut on your phone

Due to the essential needs of young people, there are now many applications that help us edit video Fast and simple on the phone was born such as: Vivavideo, VideoShow, KineMaster, … and one of them, not to mention the application CapCut.

This is an extremely professional video editing application and is used by many Tik Tok players today. So today we would like to present to all of you the article instructions to download and edit videos with CapCut on your phone.

Instructions for installing CapCut on your phone

In this article we will guide you to install this app on Android, you can also perform the same steps for iOS, or click the download button below.

Download CapCut on Android Download CapCut on iOS

Step 1: First, let’s open the repository Google Play application (App Store for iOS) on the phone up.

Step 2: Type in keywords CapCut, then press the button Search.

Step 3: Press the button Setting, to start the download of the application to your phone.

Step 4: After completing the application installation process, press the button Open to start using this video editing tool.

Open the Google Play app Press the Install buttonPress the Open button

Guide to video editing with CapCut

Step 1: Once you have installed and opened the app on your phone, press the button first Accept, to agree to the terms of CapCut.

Step 2: Push the button New project, to start video editing.

Step 3: Select the video you want to edit, then press the button App at the bottom of the screen.

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Click the Accept button Click on New projectSelect the video to edit

Step 4: In CapCut there will be a lot of tools to help us edit videos, create extremely useful effects, including:

– Edit: Here is the tool Cut, paste, speed up video, to do so first click on the item Edit at the bottom of the screen, then in the timeline bar hold and pull the ends to edit the duration of the video.

Open Edit Hold and drag the ends of the timeline bar

In addition we can also use other tools such as:

  • Speed: Adjust video playback duration.
  • Volume: audio editing.
  • Animation: create effects for videos.
  • Delete: delete any detail in the video.
  • Transform: Change the size of the video length and width.

– Audio: This is the item to insert music into the video, we will click on the item Audio at the bottom of the screen to merge music into video. Next, select and listen to any piece of music, press the download button to download it when you feel suitable for the content of the video.

Click on Audio Select and download music for videos

Press plus in the side to add music to the video, also Hold and drag the ends of the timeline bar to adjust the length of the track.

Add music to video Re-tune the music

Effect: This is an animated section for the video.

To animate each scene in the video, first tap the item Effect in the bottom of his figure. Then, press and select effect for the scene in the video.

Click the Effect item Choose an effect

Not only that, you can also use other video editing tools of this application such as:

  • Text: insert text into the video.
  • Stickers: add sticker to video.
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Text Sticker

  • Overlay: insert videos or pictures.
  • Filters: adjust the filter on color, contrast of the video.

Overlay Filters

Step 5: After finishing editing the video, tap the item’s icon Export video In the top right corner of her figure.

Step 6: Wait a moment for the system to start scanning and processing the video.

Step 7: Click on the item Done To save the edited video, you can also share the video to the Tik Tok application.

Click Export video Click the Done button

Above is the article on how to install and edit videos with CapCut, hopefully after following the steps above, you can easily create and edit your videos to become more beautiful, to share for friends to see.

Wish you all success!

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