Instructions for using Swallmovie to make TikTok videos

Although the Swallmovie application has a Chinese interface, using Swallmovie is quite simple. With just a few selections, you will quickly complete a fun and impressive short video with your own images.

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Currently making TikTok videos is the hottest trend on social networks, thousands of videos are shared every day with concise and concise content that has attracted a lot of viewers. Do you want to become a TikToker with great social media appeal? Then do not ignore the most professional video editing, video making, short video creation application today.

Video tutorial for making videos on the Swallmovie . application

Create TikTok videos with the Swallmovie app

Step 1:

After installing Swallmovie for your device, open the application to start using it.

At the main interface of Swallmovie you will see all the videos available on the application, click on any video you want to watch or surf to find the best video.

Step 2:

The video viewing interface appears, here you click the circled red button, the video will quickly be downloaded.

Once the download is complete you can start editing the video. Like video in use will have both text and images.

Enter text for video

First we will proceed to add the text that appears on the video by clicking on the square with the letter T in the middle circled as shown in the image below and a box will appear for you to enter the text. After entering, click on the bottom right text.

Import photos for videos

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This video allows you to select 3 images to include in the video, you in turn select the remaining 3 squares to get available photos from the library.

Then you can edit, crop the image to get the image you want, after editing, press the check mark (top right corner).

Add music to the video

When you have finished entering the text and image, press the red button circled according to the image below to get music for the video.

Step 3:

After the steps of selecting music, photos, and text are complete, click the top right button to export your video.

Now you can check the library to see the video you just created on Swallmovie.

Step 7:

After completing the creation of TikTok videos, we will proceed to post videos to TikTok by clicking the plus sign in the middle of the TikTok application to access the video in the phone’s video library.

Step 8:

Then press Next to select and edit videos, add text, effects, etc. to your video before posting it.

Step 9:

When you’re done editing, enter the content you want to post on TikTok and press the . button To post to complete. Soon the video will be displayed on your TikTok profile.

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