Instructions for fake voice using Clownfish Voice Changer software

Clownfish Voice Changer is a voice imitation software used by many people in the world. Users can use Clownfish to hide their real voice in a very simple way with just a few taps. will guide you to use Clownfish in the following article.

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Instructions for fake voice using Clownfish software

First, open the software, right-click on the Clownfish icon to the right of the Taskbar to open the control menu. The first thing you tick on the line Hear microphone so that the software will change your voice when speaking through the microphone.


Next we need to select the transitions by clicking Set Voice Changer.


In the table that appears, click on an effect you want to use. As shown below is to change the voice to a female tone, we choose Female pitch. Check the line Apply effects to Music / Sound / Text2Speech. Press Close to save. If you want to delete all effects, click the button Clear Effect in the lower left corner.


After adjusting the effects for voice, you can test the voice change with familiar voice chat software such as Messenger, Discord, Skype, Viber …

If you want to listen to a song with the sound effect you selected, tap Music Player in the right-click menu.


In the Music Player section you will be able to play a song with some buttons such as Play, Stop, Pause … Add music with buttons Add Songs. This is also a way for you to listen to sound effects without using voice chat software.

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Note: If you want to turn on / off Clownfish’s voice imitation you just need to double click on the software’s icon in the Taskbar.

Wish you all success!

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