Instructions for converting paper documents to text with iPhone

With the help of an existing iPhone, you can convert text from paper documents into text format for editing on your computer, making your phone extremely convenient without installing additional applications.

Instructions for converting paper documents to text with iPhone

First you open the application File on the main iPhone screen, then select the tab Browser and press the button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Put the camera in the document to be scanned then press the button Take a shot then save it.

Choose where to save is iCloud Drive. Please note that you must save to iCloud Drive first, if you always save it to Google Drive, there will be an error.

After saving, you go back to the main screen of the application File. On the tab Recently You will see the newly captured document, click on it and then select the button Upload in the lower left corner of the screen.

Choose where the upload is Drive.

Select the document you just scanned and then press the button Upload and wait a while for the file to upload to Google Drive. The uploaded file will be in PDF format.

After the file has been uploaded, open Google Drive on your PC, right-click on the uploaded file and then select Open with -> Google Docs.

Wait a moment for the PDF file to be converted to text format. After opening, you can freely edit with Google doc or save to your computer.

Converting the document in the above manner will probably result in some error in the document format, more or less depending on whether the picture you took of the document on the paper is clear and correct. You just need to correct these errors to have a complete document without having to spend time typing.

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Wish you all success!

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