How To Use Trusted Face In Lollipop, Explained, How To Unlock Your Android Device With Camera

The way your phone analyzes your face to unlock has changed since KitKat, and it”s been for the better.

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Now that you have gone through the setup process of adding your Trusted face, it is time to help your phone or tablet recognize you in different situations or environments. The option to improve the face matching should have appeared in the menu right after setting up your Trusted face. If you have already left your device”s Smart Lock settings, just head back into your Security settings and find the Smart Lock option. Input your Pattern/PIN/Password and tap on Trusted face. You will now be greeted with the option to improve face matching or to remove your Trusted face. Select Improve face matching.

The first screen will give you a quick explanation on why you would want to improve your face matching and some examples include wearing different types of glasses, different lighting, or if you have different styles of facial hair. The next screen will look very similar to the screen seen when setting up your Trusted face.Line up the dots on the outside of your face and wait for your phone or tablet to complete the scanning.

That”s it! You can continue to improve your Trusted face as much as you like. The more variations of your face that you share with your device, the easier it will be for it to figure out that it is you and to allow your through your lock screen security.

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If the time comes and you want to remove your Trusted face, you can easily and painlessly do it from the Smart Lock settings. Simply head back into the Security settings menu and find the Smart Lock option. Enter your Pattern/PIN/Password and tap on Trusted face. You will see the two options which include improving your face matching and removing the Trusted face completely. Choose the Remove trusted face option and a dialog box will pop-up asking you if you are sure that you do in fact want to remove your Trusted face. Click Remove and you are done — it couldn”t be any easier!

Trusted face is an amazing update to the old Face unlock, but there is one thing missing: Liveness check. Liveness check was introduced in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and was a way to make sure that the face your phone or tablet was scanning was real. The main security concern that arose when Face unlock was introduced was that you could use a photo of the owner of the device to bypass the lock screen security. With Liveness check, the user had to train Face unlock to recognize the user”s face and check for the user to blink.

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This security feature is missing from Trusted face and there is no word on why it was removed. One could assume that there is some sort of check built into Trusted face to make it more secure, but there is no official option to turn this feature on. I have tried showing my phone different pictures of my face, but I have yet to trick Trusted face to bypass my lock screen security with anything but my own face.

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My point to this is that adding this Smart Lock will limit the amount of security protecting your device. Besides the possibility that you might be able to trick Trusted face with a picture of yourself, it is possible that someone with a similar looking face could unlock your phone or tablet. There is no way to make sure that Trusted face only unlocks to your face but that is a risk you will have to take by using it. When you take the convenience of being able to unlock your phone or tablet with nothing more than your face, the positives might outrank the small possibility of Trusted face giving someone else access to your device.

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