How to lock folders with Secure Folder

Sometimes in the process of using your computer you want to protect your important personal folder so that other users cannot access it and copy unauthorized data. Therefore, for the purpose of giving you privacy and ensuring your identity when using your computer, Secure Folder tool was created.

With it, you can lock folders, hide folders, and even encrypt entire folders if needed. Therefore, today will show you how to lock your important folders using the software Secure Folder this. Please refer to through the article below.

Besides, users can see some other effective folder locking tools such as: Lock Folder XP, Folder Lock, My LockBox, etc.

Step 1: Install Secure Folder

After downloading Secure Folder on your computer, click on its icon to install the program.

Step 2: Wizard to install

And you will see an installation wizard Secure Folder as below. A request to close all other apps before proceeding with the process. Then press next to continue.

Step 3: Terms of use program

Next, please read the terms of use of the program. To continue the installation, click on the box I accept the agreement and press next to continue.

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Step 4: Select the directory path to save the setup file

Then, select the output directory path to save the program setup file. The default directory will be: C: Program Files Secure Folder. To continue, press next. If you want to choose a different folder, press Browse.

User requirements must be at least 2.6 MB free drive space.

Step 5: Set up the Start Menu

Next step, choose the directory Start Menu to save shortcut to use program. To continue, please press next. If you want to choose another folder, press Browse.

Step 6: Perform additional tasks

If you want to perform some more tasks while the installation is in progress Secure Folder, please press next.

Step 7: Start the installation

And now, get ready to start the installation Secure Folder on the computer. Press Install to continue, or select Back if you want to review or change any of the settings.

Once done, press finish to finish. This application can be launched by selecting the installed icons.

And you will see the window to enter the program’s password and email as below:

Step 8: Enter your password and email

Secure Folder Provide the following fields:

  • Password: Password (should use letters AZ, az, 0-9 and special characters like: @ # $% &)
  • Recovery Email: Email address for recovery
  • Password Hint: Hint password

Once done, press Set to access the next window.

Step 9: Select the folder to protect

Next, enter the directory to be installed a password into the program. Simply press Add or choose File -> Add.

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You can already select a folder on your computer, or if you need to create a new folder, please press the button Make New Folder. Then press Ok to complete. In addition, users are allowed to add as many folders as they want.

Step 10: Folder Protection Options

Here, you will see 3 modes which are:

  • Lock: Lock the folder
  • Hide: Hide folder
  • Encrypt: Encrypt the directory

Depending on the purpose of each user, they can choose the right mode. Here, for example Please select a mode Lock. Next, press Secure to start locking the directory.

And as a result, your folder has been securely locked.

So when other users open your folder they will see the message below.

This means that they do not currently have access to this directory. If you want to access this folder, press tiếp tục to continue.

Note: If you want to unblock the folder, please tick the folder and select Insecure. Thus, your folder has been unlocked.

Above, Just sharing the way to lock folders is very simple using the software Secure Folder. Hopefully, through this useful article, users can safely protect personal information and data in their private folders.

Wish you all success!

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