How to fix hot Android effectively

Why does my Android phone get hot and how to deal with it? Let’s learn how to fix the problem of overheating Android smartphone with!

Fix Android overheating

After a period of use, the phone often gets hot. This is a normal phenomenon. However, if the device heats up like it’s about to explode or heats up too quickly, there’s definitely something wrong. There are many reasons leading to this situation such as watching videos for too long, live streaming sales or surfing the phone in a high temperature environment…. You need to determine the exact cause to be able to fix the hot smartphone error effectively. The following article will help you find the answer to this problem.

What causes the phone to get hot?

You probably already know the common causes of smartphone heat such as using the phone, connecting a Bluetooth speaker, watching movies, etc.

In addition, the cause can also come from applications running in the background on the system without your knowledge. Some of the reasons your phone gets hot that you can find are:

  • Leave the screen too bright.
  • Wifi connection takes too long.
  • Play too many games.

However, today, no smartphone on the market is too hot for these reasons. So let’s consider other causes.

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If only normal use, the smartphone is hot, so it means there is a problem. However, do not confuse hot with warm. If the “cricket” is only a little warmer when playing games for 15 minutes is normal. But if your phone shows an overheating warning or you find it unusually hot to the touch, the cause should be found.

Using the intensive camera can heat up the phone

Smartphones with high-quality video recording can turn off by themselves if they overheat. Of course, it also depends on a number of other factors:

  • Selected resolution and frame rate.
  • Screen brightness.
  • Environment temperature.

High-quality video recording can heat up the phone
High-quality video recording can heat up the phone

Phone running slow and overheating? Check for malware

Malware on Android can cause the phone to overheat. The cause may be because you have installed an application from an unknown source. So, every time you install an app, make sure it’s safe and “clean” before you download it.

Using a case, leather case makes the phone heat up

Using a case, leather case makes the phone heat up
Using a case, leather case makes the phone heat up

Phone cases and leather cases are the cause of the smartphone overheating that many users do not think about.

When performing high-performance tasks, the phone heats up and radiates heat. But phone cases prevent heat from escaping. This is like putting on a jacket and exercising.

Check battery and charging cable

If you’re using an old phone, don’t charge it until it’s 100% full. Users should only charge to 80-90% to make the battery stronger. Charging the battery for too long also causes overheating of the smartphone.

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Besides, the cause can also be due to a damaged battery, poor quality charging cable or a problem with the charging port. You may consider replacing the charging cable or replacing the battery with a new one.

Damaged battery, poor quality charging cable makes the phone hot when charging
Damaged battery, poor quality charging cable makes the phone hot when charging

Can WiFi connection make phone hot?

Android users are prone to background apps that use too much resources, such as CPU, WiFi, or mobile data. If apps run this way, the device may heat up.

On older Android devices, the Greenify app allows you to identify drained resources and put misbehaving apps into hibernation. However, the same functionality has now been integrated into Android through the battery optimization feature.

Turn off background apps that use data Turn off background apps that use data
Turn off background apps that use data

You can also turn off background apps that use mobile data. To enter Settings > Apps & notifications > All apps and select the application you want. Press Data usage to see its activity and turn off Background data. This will prevent background applications from using the Internet, prevent them from using resources, and prevent the smartphone from overheating.

Effective ways to cool down your phone

After researching, review and determine what causes your phone to heat up, operate slowly, and even automatically power off. Try the following to cool it down:

  • Remove the phone case.
  • Turn on airplane mode to disable all connections.
  • Avoid leaving your phone in direct sunlight.
  • Place your smartphone in front of a fan (but don’t put it in the fridge or freezer).
  • Reduce screen brightness.
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To help prevent your phone from overheating:

  • Turn on battery saver mode.
  • Clean up your phone, delete junk files.
  • Reduce WiFi and Bluetooth usage and turn on GPS only when needed.

The above actions not only cool down the phone but also help prolong the battery life of the device.

As a safety feature, phones and tablets are designed to automatically power off if a certain temperature is reached. You just need to wait until it returns to normal temperature and turn it back on to continue using.

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