How to enable low power mode on iPhone, iPad

How to enable low power mode on iPad, iPhone how? If you do not know, please to find out.

Low Power Mode (Low Power Mode) will help you save the phone battery maximum. This feature is especially useful in case you can’t charge your device right away. It’s great that Apple has added this mode on iOS 9 operating system. In addition to using the Battery management app for mobile then using this low power feature is one of the most effective ways for us to save the battery of our devices.

The most effective iPhone and iPad battery saver

Step 1: From the main interface of the phone, you choose Settings icon, then scroll down to find and select the item The battery.

Settings The battery

Step 2: In this section, you turn the circle button to the right to activate Low Power Mode (green Blue). At this point, you will notice that the color of the battery icon will be changed to yellow instead of blue as default.

Not activated Start up
The battery will turn yellow when the feature is activated

Due to the automatic mode, when the activation is complete, every time the device’s battery capacity drops to 20%, the device will display a message asking you Do you want to use this Low Power mode? And if it is still plugged in when charging, the device will also display a message that automatically turns off this mode when the device has fully charged the required amount of battery (80%).

Notification when low battery pin Notify when battery is full

In addition, if you use the Night Shift in the Control Center, the color of the screen will also be changed, helping us to use it at night or in conditions without much light to be more comfortable, without glare and eyestrain.

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Night mode Turn on night mode

How to add low power mode to Control Center

Maybe you don’t want Low Power Mode to turn on on its own, but you want an easier option to enable it so that when you need it, you don’t have to dig into it. Settings like before. A shortcut Control Center is the answer that you are making money.

Start by going to Settings > Control Center and scroll down until you see More Controls. Find options Low Power Mode and tap the . icon Plus green.

Now you can open Control Center by swiping down from the top right of the iPhone device with the . button Home or hold the . button Home and swipe from bottom to top. Enable this option when you want – it appears as a battery icon.

Low Power Mode in Control Center

This is a feature available in the device, if used, the device will be limited to many good and necessary features to maintain the battery of the device. But you can also refer to the article “The easiest way to save battery for iPhone” to know how to customize some settings for the device, to make the use of the device and battery more efficient.

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