How to download MP3 music on NhacCuaTui to Android and iPhone phones

NhacCuaTui is a large website for online music listening, along with Zing Mp3, these two websites become the two largest music websites in Vietnam today. You can listen to music online for free with today’s hottest songs, while enjoying quality playlists selected for each different topic to suit the listener’s mood.

On My music, you also do not take too much time to find yourself your favorite songs because there is a function to download Mp3 music to your device, an extremely smart and quite convenient feature. Today will guide you how to download music from NhacCuaTui application to your phone.

Instructions to download mp3 music from NhacCuaTui to iPhone

NhacCuaTui for iOS

Step 1: You open the app My music up, find your favorite song.

NhacCuaTui iOSNhacCuaTui iOS

Step 2: Click the . icon arrow download as shown below and press Download.

NhacCuaTui iOSNhacCuaTui iOS

Step 3: After downloading the music, go back to the homepage and go to My next to the part Online, then scroll down to Offline choose Music library.

NhacCuaTui iOSNhacCuaTui iOS

Step 4: Click on the song you want to listen to. Now you can listen to music without an internet connection.

NhacCuaTui iOS

Instructions to download mp3 music on Android

NhacCuaTui for Android

Step 1: Similar to on iOS, you find the music you want to listen to on the application.

NhacCuaTui Android

Step 2: Listen to music and click on the icon arrow download, then press Download.

NhacCuaTui AndroidNhacCuaTui Android

Step 3: Back to the homepage, you go to the My > Offline > Music Library and select the song you want to listen to.

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NhacCuaTui AndroidNhacCuaTui Android

So through a few instructions that has guided you, you can download mp3 music on the application to your phone and now NhacCuaTui has a lot of music genres, you can create favorites. Like and save the songs you want to listen to, very convenient, isn’t it?

Wish you have wonderful relaxing moments with NhacCuaTui.

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