How to customize the Home screen of iOS as you like

Since iOS 14 release, Customize your iPhone’s Home screen was a very enjoyable experience. Let’s discover some How to customize the iOS Home screen Free like a pro!

Create custom app icons

Customizing app icons will make the iOS Home screen more elegant. This process is quite simple. All you have to do is choose the desired icon, color, badge or artistic typeface for each design, then place custom icons on the Home screen using the Shortcuts app.

App Icon Changer (free, $9.99/month) and Launch Center Pro (free, IAP) are two great and easy to use iPhone app icon customizers.

The article will take the example on App Icon Change. Get this app on your device, and then open it. Then tap tab Edit Icons > select tab Icon and the desired icon. Next, go to the tabs Color & Background to choose your favorite color and wallpaper. Finally, tap the download button to save the app to the camera gallery.

Customize app icons

Once you’ve saved the app icon to Photos, open the Shortcuts app, then tap the . button + in the top right corner of the screen. Next, tap Add Action. Find tasks Open App and select the app you want to open. Then, select the newly created icon from the Photos app.

More Cool InSta

Finally, add the app icon to the desktop Home. Next, you can touch this custom icon to open the corresponding app.

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Eye-catching Home screen customization widget

When it comes to customizing the iPhone’s Home screen, widgets play an important role. You can easily find a lot of apps that allow you to create impressive Home screen widgets, from clock and weather widgets to memory and total storage widgets…

Color Widgets for Home screen

Creating custom widgets is pretty easy, and most of the steps are the same on every widget app. For example, if you want to create a beautiful widget for your Home screen, use Widgetsmith (free, $1.99/month). Open this app, then customize the widget by selecting all available tools. Then touch and hold the blank screen > press the . button + to enter the widget gallery.

Default option for Widget

Next, select Widgetsmith. Then select the desired size and add it to the Home screen.

Widgetsmith for iOS

Create transparent widget

If you want to be comfortable placing icons, try choosing an app that creates transparent widgets. The process is similar to any other iPhone widget customization app. The only thing you need to remember is to make sure the transparent widgets match the background image so that they easily fool the eye. Yidget & TWid are two free apps that are easy to use in this case.

The article will take the example on Yidget. First, take a screenshot of your iPhone’s blank Home screen. Next, open Yidget app, then tap option Create. Then, select the screenshot and tweak it using the provided tools.

Yidget is an easy to use transparent widget creation app

Touch and hold the blank screen on iPhone and tap the . button +. Next, touch Yidget and choose the appropriate size for that widget.

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Small Widget

Set impressive wallpapers

Undeniably, beauty gives us a lot of wonderful emotions. Then why would you leave a boring iPhone wallpaper? Choose a beautiful picture, evoking positive emotions in you for your “cricket”. You can refer to how to change the wallpaper, TOP the best live wallpaper application for iPhone on

Collection of selected wallpapers for iPhone

Above are some simple tips to customize the iPhone Home screen, easy for everyone to do. If you know any other ways, don’t hesitate to share with!

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