How to create rainbow text on Instagram Story

Currently to help users can post impressive articles on Story then Instagram has released a lot of support tools such as: Video capture effects, take pictures, stickers, lines, insert text. However, work add text In the video or image, we can choose only one color.

But for now, with a few simple steps we can Color the text on Instagram Story. To do this, will introduce the article today instructions for creating rainbow text on Instagram Stories, invite you to consult

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How to write rainbow text on Instagram Story

Step 1: First, open Instagram application on your phone, then at the home page of the application click on the item Your News.

Step 2: In the app camera screen, please record a video or take a photo whatever you want to post to the video.

Step 3: In the post editing interface, click the symbol Aa in the top right corner of the screen.

Click on your News Record video or take picturesClick the Aa icon

Step 4: Write content you want to create rainbow text.

Attention: You should write two different lines to see the change in the color of the text.

Step 5: Press and hold on a word Any, to highlight the entire text.

Step 6: Then, click Color circle icon at the top of the screen to change the color of the text.

Write content Highlight text to create rainbow colorsTouch the color circle icon

Step 7: Touch and hold on a color Any, color gamut band will appear as photo.

Step 8: Use your fingers to move slowly over the highlighted part of the text in the direction from right to left, simultaneously one finger selects the color of the text in the lower color band.

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Step 9: At this point, after creating rainbow-colored text, click on the button Accomplished in the top right corner of the screen.

Touch and hold on color Fill the text with rainbow colorsClick the Done button

Step 10: In the lower right corner of the screen, tap the button Send to.

Step 11: Finally, press the button Share in item Your News to post to my Instagram Story.

Touch the Send to button Click the Share button

Wish you all success

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