How to convert Camcorder MOD video format to MPG

Nowadays, it’s really easy to shoot video. You don’t need to carry your camcorder with you anymore because it’s already built into your smartphone. In addition, the clips recorded with the phone are easy to edit and share online. Rarely will you encounter a file format that cannot be viewed or converted.

If you are still using an older camcorder or are tasked with copying and converting scenes, you may have come across a MOD file. This format is often difficult to read, so it is necessary to convert them. But how to convert MOD to MPG . video format.

What are MOD files?

Specialized camcorders often output production to MOD or TOD format. They are devices that use memory cards instead of tapes. However, the MOD file is no longer used and is now only found on older camcorder hardware. If you are still using a good quality handheld camera, you may still have to deal with MOD files often.

MOD file format

Unfortunately, the MOD file is not easy to read, converting to MP4 is not possible. It’s hard to convert MOD files to burn them to DVD or Blu-ray. And most burning tools do not accept MOD files.

However, MOD files are standard MPEG2 audio/video formats, so there’s always a way to convert and enjoy them.

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How to convert MOD files

You have 3 options to convert MOD files to MPG

  • For older files, just change the file extension back.
  • Open them with VLC music player.
  • Convert using FFmpeg

1. Convert MOD files to MPG by renaming the extension

Older camcorders save video as MOD, you just need to rename the existing format. For example, change the movie.MOD file to movie.MPG. You will see the MOD file extension on the clip. If not, you need to force Windows to show it.

Start by opening Windows Explorer and browsing to the location where the MOD file is saved. Open File > Change folder and search options and choose View.

Here, leave the check mark above Hide extensions for known file types. Click OK To confirm.

Next, right click on the MOD file and change the extension from .mod to .mpg. Touch Enter, then click OK when prompted to continue. It’s done.

Note, this may not work on newer camcorders.

2. View MOD files with VLC Media Player

Watch MODs with VLC

VLC is a versatile music player. It can open most media files, even partially downloaded files. Therefore, VLC is not “bored” of the MOD or TOD format. You just need to download this tool, install it, and then double-click the file you want to see so that VLC plays it. Alternatively, in VLC, select Media > Open File > browse files > click OK to view the MOD file.

Download VLC

3. Use FFmpeg to convert MOD files to MPG

After installing FFmpeg, you access it in Windows PowerShell. Here, you need to enter the path of the MOD file on your computer. Alternatively, open, Windows Explorer, and then File > Open Windows PowerShell from the location of the MOD file.

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In PowerShell, use the command FFmpeg to open the software, and then use the following switch command:

ffmpeg -f mpeg -i originalClip.MOD -vcodec copy -acodec mp2 -ab 192k copyClip.mpg

Note, changing the file type will not improve the video file quality.

For high quality TOD files, convert using:

ffmpeg -i myClip.TOD -vcodec copy -acodec copy myClip.mpg

Above is how to convert MOD files to MPG . format so you can enjoy them on most of today’s music and video player software.

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