How to book Lotte movie tickets on your phone

In the previous article we showed you how to book CGV movie tickets online. In this article, we will continue to guide how to book Lotte movie tickets online, Lotte cinema is also one of the large cinema clusters with dense coverage in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and many more. provinces in the country.

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It is quite convenient to book Lotte movie tickets online to watch good movies and blockbuster movies. We will not take long to get to theaters early, do not worry about running out of hot movies such as My Wife, Love Writing Season, Super tyrant shark, Good and evil confrontation, Mission unjustly possible, test of death, etc. It only takes a few minutes to book movie tickets on Lotte Cinema app and you will have a movie ticket with your desired seat.

To see information about the hottest movies currently in theaters, visit’s movie page at:

Instructions on how to book Lotte movie tickets online

Step 1:

Download and install the Lotte Cinema app for the respective device according to the download link above. After the installation is complete you will see the application’s icon as follows.

The main interface of the Lotte Cinema applicationClick on Book movie tickets

Step 2:

At the main interface of the application, swipe left, right to see the movies currently showing at Lotte cinema.

The main menu will have the following features: Ticket booking, Movie and Movie theater.

To Booking tickets to watch movies, please press select tab Booking tickets. Then you will select the theater at the window Select Cinema – cities with Loote theaters.

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Click on your city to see all theaters then select your favorite theater.

Step 3:

At the cinema interface you will see all the movies currently showing in this theater, scroll left – right to search for the movie you want to see.

When selected, click on the avatar of the movie, the bottom will display the shows for the day you are choosing.

We can also see the available seats for that watch time. Touch the theater – now want to watch to go to the seat selection interface.

Select a theater complexSelect the areaSelect showtimes

Step 4:

At interface Choose Seat You will receive an age warning for movies on tap OK to continue with seat selection.

Please observe the theater layout to get really reasonable seat selection, the notes with different colors will tell you about seat information in the theater. When you find a seat you like, touch the seat number and press Booking tickets.

Choose a chairThe age limit for watching movies

Step 5:

Window Log in appears will ask to update the booker information. If you have a Lotte account please login to your account otherwise enter your personal information as Guest include:

  • Full name: The reservationer’s full name must match the name on the ID card and must not be stamped.
  • Phone: phone number to receive ticket code.
  • password: the password for your booking is 4 characters.
  • Confirm password: re-enter the above 4-character string.

Then tick the item I undertake this movie ticket for viewers at the specified age. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.

Press Booking tickets to go to the selection page Pay.

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Personal information to book tickets

Step 6:

Window Payment methods appears, please select your payment method to pay for the booked movie tickets.

Payment methodsComplete booking

Once booked, we will get a ticket code on the screen with a message sent to the phone number registered above.

All you need to do is bring your ticket number and ID to the theater to get your tickets.

Video Guide to book Lotte movie tickets on your phone

Above we have instructed you how to quickly book Lotte movie tickets on your phone. Hopefully booking movie tickets online will save you time along with choosing the ideal seat.

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