How to add art on iPhone screen with Widget of Art – Mini

Currently since the version iOS 14 released, iPhone users can enjoy interface customizationn the screen of your phone with these widget maker app Extremely useful with many different utilities. Today, will introduce to you one more widget creation application on iPhone that is Widget of Art – Mini.

This is an extremely interesting application, it helps users to comfortably put extremely beautiful art pictures on the main screen of the phone. Here are the steps to take: bring art to iPhone screen with Widget of Art – Mini, I invite you to follow the article.

Video tutorial to add art on iPhone screen

How to add art on iPhone screen with Widget of Art – Mini

To be able to add art to the iPhone’s home screen, your phone first needs to have the Widget of Art – Mini application available, if your device does not have this application, then click the download button. below to download to iPhone.

Download Widget of Art – Mini on iOS

Step 1: Once our phone has this app, we need to open it first Widget of Art app – Mini on the phone.

Step 2: At the main interface of the application, click on the item Painting.

Step 3: Choose an art painting that you want to bring up the iPhone home screen.

Step 4: Rename the utility section Give Your Widget a Name, then tap the button Save in the upper right corner of the screen.

Click on Painting Choose an art painting Give the widget a name and press the Save button

Step 5: Back on your phone’s home screen, touch and hold the screen, then tap symbol “+”.

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Step 6: Next, tap on the widget Widgets of Art.

Step 7: Select the style of the widget, then tap the button More widgets.

Click on the symbol "+" Click on the Widget of Art Select a widget style, then tap the Add Widget button

Step 8: Once you’ve brought the widget to your screen, click on the widget I just added. Then select item Edit widget.

Step 9: Section Choose Widget, then please touch the . button Choose.

Tap the Edit Widget button Press the Select button

Step 10: Choose a widget name that just created, then go back to the phone screen you will see the added artwork.

Choose a widget name Art paintings have been brought to the main screen

Wishing you success!

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