Guide to finding Instagram friends via Facebook

Instagram is a social networking application that is loved and used by a lot, here we can not comfortably upload photos and videos on the timeline, but we can freely follow the activities of other Instagram accounts. . Currently, this application has allowed users to easily Search your friends’ Instagram accounts on Facebook mine.

What if people are looking for Instagram accounts of their friends on Facebook but do not know what to do? today will introduce the steps to take Search for Instagram friends via Facebook, in a simple and easy way. You are invited to join us for the following article.

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Guide to finding Instagram friends via Facebook

Step 1: To do the search for Instagram friends with Facebook accounts, we need to open it first Instagram application on his phone up.

Step 2: At the home page of the application, click Instagram account profile picture in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Open the Instagram app Click on the Instagram profile picture

Step 3: Press three dash icon on the top right corner of the phone screen.

Step 4: Next, touch the item Discover people.

Tap the icon for three dashes Tap Discover people

Step 5: At this time on the screen will display a number of Instagram accounts, to search for accounts of our friends via Facebook, we will press the button Connect (Connection), at section Connect to Facebook (Connect to Facebook).

Step 6: Finally, the entire list of Instagram accounts of your Facebook friends will be displayed on the screen, press the button Follow to be able to see your friends’ activities.

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Touch the Connect button The Instagram account of a Facebook friend

Note: If your Instagram and Facebook accounts are already linked, when you tap on Explore People, your Facebook friends’ Instagram accounts list will be displayed immediately without having to touch the Connect button. .

Wish you all success!

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