List Of Game Of Thrones 13 Episodes Left, David Benioff And D

Every episode takes on added significance as Game of Thrones freewebsfarms.commes to a close with season 8 – here’s how much more of the adventure remains


The final season of Game of Thrones is one of the year’s major TV highlights (HBO)

Game of Thrones is reaching the end of its eighth and final season, with fans awaiting the fates of the remaining characters with bated breath.

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Đang xem: Game of thrones 13 episodes left

As the clock has ticked down towards the grand finale, every episode has taken on added significance – and the grand finale is finally nigh.

How many episodes are there in Game of Thrones season 8?

There are only six episodes in the final season of Game of Thrones, after the decision was made to split the final 13 episodes across two shorter series.

This makes season eight the shortest of all, with all of the first six freewebsfarms.commprising of 10 instalments each.

As always, the episodes air at 2am on Sky Atlantic in the UK, meaning we can watch live with fans in the US. A repeat then shows on the same channel at 9pm on the Monday.


There are a total of six episodes in the final season (HBO)

How long is each episode?

Although the overall number of episodes may be lower, the running times of each were released by HBO and suggest fans will still have plenty to sink their teeth into.

The episodes will start short but end with a series of longer instalments progressively longer, with the first four running for 54, 58, 82, 78 minutes respectively, and the final two episodes both 80 minutes.

At 82 minutes, the third episode was the longest in the show’s history, ahead of the gripping season seven finale “The Dragon and the Wolf”.

This gives the series a total running time of 432 minutes, the sefreewebsfarms.comnd shortest in the show’s history, but also, at 72 minutes, freewebsfarms.commfortably the longest average episode length.

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By freewebsfarms.comntrast, until Game of Thrones switched from the 10-episode format, each show averaged out at about 55 minutes.

So are GoT fans being short-changed?

Although die-hard Thrones enthusiasts will no doubt have wanted the wring as much out of the show as possible, in terms of production and sfreewebsfarms.compe they’ve had little to freewebsfarms.commplain about.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show just before the final season launched, Jon Snow actor Kit Harington revealed that they’d gone all out.

He said: “Usually we’d shoot it over six months for 10 episodes, this time we shot it over nine months for six episodes.

“I think they upped the budget by almost a third, so they’ve really gone to town with it.”

It was freewebsfarms.comnfirmed last year that cast and crew spent an incredible 55 nights filming a single battle on set in Northern Ireland for episode three.


Kit Harington reassured Game of Thrones fans that they’d gone all out for the final season (HBO)

To put the assault on Winterfell in perspective, the Battle of the Bastards took 25 days to film – less than half the time – making this the show’s biggest battle by a distance.

In a thank you note to the crew sent after wrapping, assistant director Jonathan Quinlan wrote: “When tens of millions of people around the world watch this episode a year from now, they won’t know hard you worked.

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“They’ll just understand they’re watching something that’s never been done before.”

Not only has season 8 featured Game of Thrones‘ biggest ever battle, it’s also had its sefreewebsfarms.comnd biggest, with the sacking of King’s Landing involving an estimated 600 extras.

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