Fix iPhone not supporting accessories

If you meet Error iPhone does not support accessoriesHere are simple fixes for you.

Error iPhone does not support accessories

If you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you’ve probably encountered an error this accessory may not be supported. This unsupported accessory error usually occurs after you plug in and charge your iPhone. However, it can also appear when you are trying to use a headset or other accessory… So what to do in this case? Let’s find out with!

What does This Accessory May Not Be Supported mean?

There are several causes of an unsupported accessory error on iPhone. Here are the common causes:

  • Accessories that are defective, damaged or do not have MFi certification.
  • Old or faulty operating system.
  • Accessories are not compatible with the device.
  • Your iOS device is dirty or the Lightning port is damaged.
  • Outdated accessories. If Apple stops supporting production of an accessory, it may no longer be compatible with a commercially available device.

How to fix accessories not supported by iPhone

Unplug and reconnect the device

Touch the button Dismiss to dismiss notifications and unplug accessories to the Lightning port of the iPhone. Then reconnect it to the device to see the error this accessory may not be supported has disappeared.

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Restart iPhone

Minor software glitches may also trigger the “accessory not supported” warning. Restarting iPhone can be fixed This accessory error is not supported by iPhone.

To restart iPhone 8 or later, press and hold the button Sleep / Wake, then swipe the power icon on the screen from left to right.

Slide to turn off iPhone

Restarting lines from iPhone X and up is the same thing, except you press and hold the button Side and Volume until present Slide to power off.

Wait 30 seconds, then turn on your iPhone and reconnect the accessory.

Clean the charging port

Clean the iPhone charging port

If the accessory error message is not supported on iPhone still occurs, check the connection on the respective port to see if it is dirty or not. If so, you need to clean them. Use a flashlight to illuminate the inside of the Lightning port of the iPhone. If you see any foreign ingredients or dirt inside, remove them.

How to clean the charging port of the iPhone

Use an antistatic brush or Q-tip or a new brush to clean the components that are clogging the Lightning port of the iPhone. After cleaning, reconnect the accessory to iPhone.

Buy accessories with MFi certification

You may see an accessory error message not supported by iPhone if you are using a fake accessory. To avoid this, be sure to buy iPhone charging cables and accessories that are MFi certified (Made for iPhone, iPad, or iPod), meaning they are made to Apple’s design standards.

Mfi code on iPhone packaging

How do I know if an Apple accessory has an MFi certification? Apple provides in-depth guidance to avoid buying fake iPhone accessories by mistake. The easiest identification method is through the professional logo on the package. Too cheap accessories prices are also a sign of counterfeiting.

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Make sure the accessory is compatible with the iPhone you are using

Before buying an accessory, make sure it is compatible with the device. Some accessories only work on certain iPhone, iPad, and iPod models. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer.

This is also the reason you should buy accessories from genuine stores, dealers because they will provide detailed information and complete, helpful instructions when choosing accessories and after-sales support for you.

Above are some How to fix iPhone not supporting accessories. If you know any other way, please share with readers offline!

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