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WannaCry is the biggest cyber attack of the past decade, with a rapid spread that makes it difficult for users to turn around. After just 2 days of raging, WannaCry has influenced 10,000 organizations and 200,000 individuals in about 150 countries around the world.

The damage that this malicious code brings is extremely heavy, seriously affecting the economy, life as well as security of people in the world. That’s why, right now, download 1 of the 2 free malware checking tools that VNIST and Bkav release to check and quickly propose a reasonable prevention plan.

2 free WannaCry malware checking tools

VNIST Scanner

VNIST Scanner Scan MS17-010 vulnerability in network bands, to detect in time and give effective prevention of WannaCry ransomware. After downloading the VNISTscanner tool to your computer, extract it, and then determine the IP address or network range of your business.

Next, proceed to scan for malicious code via the command line: VNISTscanner.exe + IP address. For example, your IP address is: then use the command line: VNISTscanner.exe These IP addresses appear phrases “is safe” is unaffected by this vulnerability.

IP address does not affect

And IP addresses appear to phrase “vulnerable”, then, that IP address has not been updated with the latest patches, which will facilitate WannaCry malware to attack the system.

There is a security hole

Bkav CheckWanCry

Before the storm of WannaCry, Bkav also released the free WannaCry malware check tool. This tool bears the name Bkav CheckWanCry, capable of scanning all computers on the same network to find and detect computers that contain EternalBlue (MS17-010) vulnerabilities.

The Bkav CheckWanCry malware check tool is small in size, without needing to be reinstalled completely free of charge. Just need to launch it to be able to scan the computer system.

Main interface of Bkav CheckWanCry

Right now, users should be cautious when opening emails with attachments, strange links on social networks, and chat tools. Absolutely do not open links with .hta extension or unstructured links, shortened links to WannaCry ransomware prevention attack.

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