Common mistakes when using ProShow Producer and how to fix them

Currently, if we talk about tools to help edit photos, create videos or clips, we must mention Photoshop (photo editing tool), Camtasia Studio (Screen recording application to make clips) and ProShow Producer (photo slideshow maker). This is a trio of tools that most of us have heard of, and are even using for our daily work. However, if we encounter errors related to them, especially ProShow Producer, we are not sure how to fix it.

Using Youtube to make photo slides is no longer as popular as before, because today, with the appearance of professional support tools such as ProShow Producer, users can create photo slideshow clips with high quality, accompanied by sound, quality as well as accompanying effects that will help the clip create more vivid, attractive and much better.

ProShow Producer

This article may not be a complete summary of errors related to ProShow Producer, but will give the most frequent and common errors in the process of using this tool. We invite you to follow along!

1. Error cannot type Vietnamese in ProShow Producer

This is a very common error and many users feel quite uncomfortable, but this is a problem that is not caused by the software, but by the user who forgot to change and add the necessary settings to ProShow Producer. Do it.

How to fix:

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Download more Vietnamese fonts online and add them to the drive OLD / Windows / Fonts. Some Vietnamese font sets that you can refer to here:

Add new fonts to your computer

Switch back to the code table in Unikey:

Change typing on Unikey

Change font in ProShow Producer

Change font in Producer

2. Yellow text error on ProShow Producer

Error in yellow letters on proshow producer

This is a common error among people who are new to this application, and do not pay attention to the version. The specific expression is that after exporting the file, on the display screen, there will be a yellow text made as an evaluation of proshow producer appearing in the middle, making it unsightly and extremely uncomfortable.

How to fix:

Because this is an error that only occurs when users use the unofficial ProShow Producer version, the only way is to get the full version, then activate and fill in all the information.

3. ProShow Producer’s Unexpected Error

That is, when you export the video file, it will also display a red ILLEGALLY message on the screen. Although it is a rather obnoxious error, it is not difficult to fix it. Just access the installation file of ProShow Producer and delete the proshow.cfg and files and you’re done.

Fixed an error on ProShow Producer
The file installation location will vary by user

Normally, the default installation location of this application in the computer will be:

  • C:Program Files (x86)PhotodexProShow Producer
  • Or C:Program FilesPhotodexProShow Producer

4. Can’t insert music into ProShow Producer slide

This is also an error that a lot of people are facing and do not know how to handle, has specially made a very detailed clip to guide you to fix this error.

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Refer to the article Instructions to create videos from photos with ProShow Producer with the video tutorial in it to know how to do it!

The above are quite basic errors that users still often encounter in the process of using the ProShow Producer photo slide creation tool along with the causes and ways to fix these errors. Hope this article will be useful to you!

Wishing you success!

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