Best News App For Android News Feed Widget S For Android As Of 2021

The Google Discover feed is a dashboard for weather forecasts and news stories related to your interests. Some Android launchers include a pane for the Discover feed on the Home screen. If not, though, there’s another shortcut for quick access.

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Google Discover is actually just a tab in the Google app. You can access it in a few ways, including simply opening the Google app. However, if you’re looking for quick Home-screen access, you probably already have a shortcut.


Tapping the Google logo (the “G”) on the Google Search widget will take you directly to the Discover tab. There’s a good chance the Google widget is already preloaded on your phone or tablet’s Home screen.


The Discover tab’s user interface in the Google app is slightly different than the Discover pane built into launchers, but the information is identical.


The Discover pane in the Pixel Launcher (Left), and the Discover tab in the Google app (Right).

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One thing to note is this only works with the Google Search widget. It doesn’t work with Google Search bars built into the launcher, like the one under the Dock on the Pixel Launcher.


If you want to add the Google Search widget to your Home screen, it’s easy to do. The process is slightly different, depending on the launcher, but you can usually just long press your device’s Home screen to open the context menu. Tap “Widgets.”


Scroll down to the “Search” widget from the Google app, and then press and hold it.

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You can drag the widget anywhere you want on the Home screen, and then drop it.

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Now, you’ll have quick access to Google searches and the Discover feed on your Android device.

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