Android 12: How to edit photos with Markup Editor

Android 12 Developer Preview being tested with lots of interesting changes. From visual enhancement to feature convenience. Prominent among them is the button change Edit new. It is embedded inside photo sharing preferences. Here’s everything you need to know about it and how to edit photos with Markup Editor in Android 12 Developer Preview.

Instructions to use Markup Editor in Android 12 from the share screen

Operating system Android 12 Extended photo editor in Android 11 to allow users to import files file Markup Editor before sharing it. When the button is touched Share, you can access this editing tool to “beautify” the work from screenshots, photos from the camera library or photos downloaded from the application… as you like.

Open the photo on your phone and tap the button Share in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Android 12's photo editing screen share button

Touch More.

Button opens more options in Android 12's photo editor chỉnh

You will see the button Edit new next to the image preview window. Touch it.

Click the Edit button to edit photos in Android 12

The image has now been imported into Android 12’s Markup Editor. Here, you have a bunch of options like drawing on the photo, cropping or rotating it, even adding emoji or inserting text.

Add text to edited photos in Android 12

After finishing editing, tap Done in the top left corner of the screen.

Click the Done button to complete the photo editing process on Android 12

Then touch Save to save it to the archive.

Save photos to storage on Android 12

This is a small but important change on Android 12. It makes the process of editing and perfecting photos on Android smartphones simpler. Now everyone can do everything right on their photo sharing screen Android 12. What do you think about this feature? Please share with readers offline!

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