How To Secure Your Android App Permissions: Allow Write System Settings

i got confused with this permission write settings, why i can’t allow it. even i do with “manually”.i am newbie here just start from scratch.

Đang xem: Allow write system settings

anyone have idea ?

and oh yea, i already search for this problem.

i already implemented this method, but still same as before.even i installed that aia BeeriaApps shared, and still as before.


your error may be because android do not allow to provide permission if permissions are opened directly

i didn’t set before it needs permission.and when i set permission, it still not allowed me to enable it.

no, i think the problem is not from the block.

because i already do from topics i search and followed the instruction there.even i installed that AIA provided in that topics.

heres the AIA, in that topics provides

writepermissionsolution.aia (1.9 KB)

and the aps still like mine before, not allowed me to enable it.

remove all blocks which are set to take permission, your app will automatically ask permission of component when they are required you do not need to set it up like that, tell me if it didn’t work


Thank you very much, i will test italright i will be back soon.

The issue is from my phone it self, but i didn’t sure which problem that caused can’t allowed read data / write data.

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because i installed in lower android version in emulator, its run normally

soon i will updated again


Mika already suggested you don’t have a component that needs write settings and hence can’t change the slider on permission write settings…

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Try this one


Scan the QR code on your phone to install the app.Link valid for two hours


so i take it, its a bug ?

i already created apps before, and got no problem for reading permission or writing permission with anything component before.

but just now, i dont know what i missed that caused this issue, and as i see your reply, i take it as a bug.


System write settings permissions is not the same like write external storage permission…

And btw the system write setting permission can not be granted through a block.

The user can do it only manuel.

And you have not show us anything what you want or what you have tried…

I already sent the screen shot of apps it self, did you see grey color on slider?

See first post

Here i sent more of screenshotScreenshot_20190120-184253|281×500


for now, i already got conclusion for this issue with extension from Taifun, with file extension.this extension

Thank you

I don’t know what difference between that you mentioned.

What i know is, permission to write or read is all the same

I am sorry if it got you all confused.I have much to learn from you guys.

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And as i said before, thank you very muchmay Allah SWT bless you all

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